The market today has a high share of companies with one or two projects (at least 60% of the total number of developers).

“Small regional developers with low credit ratings and unstable financial indicators are unable to support the mechanism of expanded reproduction at the expense of internal resources (moreover, they are on the verge of bankruptcy and are able to increase the number of“ problem ”objects). Direct additional capitalization of a large number of small regional developers, most likely, has no prospects. In this connection, consolidation of the industry around systemically important developers, institutionally more and more connected with large banks and DOM.RF, is inevitable. In the future, systemically important developers will be able to perform the function of “federal operators” - 4-5 representatives of the alpha business, who carry out construction in most constituent entities of the Russian Federation and concentrate 60% or more of the entire industry's proceeds ”.
("Problems of Forecasting", No. 2, 2021)