The escalation of NATO aggression in Ukraine, occupied by neo-Nazis raised by this bloc, is the "tip of the iceberg" of a large-scale hybrid war waged by the United States and its satellites "to maintain world domination. This can be seen in the text of the recently released British government document: Global Britain in a Competitive Age: A Consolidated Review of Security, Defense, Development and Foreign Policy. ”
This amusing text mentions two countries, one island and one occupied territory. The latter - Ukraine - which is promised to continue building up its armed forces. On the island of Cyprus, significant investments are planned in the creation of a military base. Similar generous gifts are planned for Kenya, Oman, Gibraltar and even Singapore and Germany. And all this is against China and Russia, which are declared in the document to be the main rivals of Britain and even the states-threats. It is noted that the United Kingdom does not respect the Russian government, believing that it is producing the full range of threats.
The evolution of Britain's position on the PRC is curious. If a similar document from 2015 spoke of deepening partnership with China, closer joint work to address global problems (climate, terrorism, African development), as well as support for deeper integration of the PRC into key international institutions and high-level dialogue on security issues, then in this document the opposite is true. The PRC is called an authoritarian state with different values, the most serious threat to the economic security of Great Britain, and it is also said about strengthening the protection of British institutions and technologies, supply chains. The position of Britain on the other side of the barricades in the ideological competition between different types of political systems is fixed.
While this document recognizes the loss of US global hegemony shared by the UK, the latter is poised to compete for leadership in shaping the future world order. For all the absurdity of such ambitions from decrepit Britain, its attempts can bring considerable misfortune not only to the unfortunate Ukrainians, whom the British use as cannon fodder against the Russians, but also to the citizens of the United Kingdom itself. This document speaks of the need to consolidate English society, control the electoral system, strengthen the state, in short - in fact, the transition to an authoritarian regime, the most important task of which is once again declared the forced imposition of their "values" abroad.
Perhaps these imperial attempts by the current British government seem to be nothing more than a farce, but an important novelty of this document is the announcement of a reversal of atomic disarmament. If earlier it was planned to reduce nuclear warheads from 225 to 180, then this document sets the task of increasing them to 260.
In general, Britain is once again rattling off nuclear weapons, threatening and puffing up, which creates real threats to the security and very existence of mankind. Great Britain, like the United States, should have long been recognized as a sponsor of terrorism, a global laundry of criminally acquired money, a pirate state, and a threat to humanity. The sooner we take measures to neutralize English aggressiveness, the less threats to humanity will be. Measures, meaning purely economic and informational: the termination of the use of the pound, the introduction of restrictions on the use of English infoagents, etc.