The "high price trap" has worked again: as soon as they reach the price of $ 60 per barrel, then the increased production of shale oil in the United States is immediately triggered. That should soon lead to an increase in the supply of oil in North America and further - to a decrease in world prices.

Hydraulic fracturing (shale production, frac) in North America has almost recovered to pre-pandemic levels, with the number of initiated fracturing jobs peaking at a 12-month high in March 2021.
Rystad Energy's monitoring shows that there are already 967 initiated frac jobs in North America in March 2021. Since satellite data for the last few days of March is still incomplete, it is assumed that work is underway on another 97 wells. Thus, the final calculation for March will be 1,064 wells, which is 6.5% more than in January 2021.