A visible consequence of the 2020 crisis: in Moscow, companies began to rent premises on average with an area of ​​almost 20% less than in 2019 - 1,757 sq. m compared to 2,169 sq. m a year ago, according to Knight Frank. The main reason is the successful practice of transferring employees to remote work for companies. It turned out that by about the same amount - by 20-25% - the presence of employees in the office can be reduced.
In January 2021, according to Superjob, 32% of respondents among Moscow employers said that at the moment over 30% of their employees remain at a remote location, despite the removal of restrictions by the Moscow authorities.

If this trend continues, then the commissioning of new office space in Moscow will significantly decrease, although it seems to have nowhere to fall: in 2016-2020, the volume of new office space was 200-400 thousand square meters. m per year compared to 0.8-1.4 million square meters. m per year in 2007-2015.